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Ethics and economics: A comment on Narvaez’s „Revitalizing human virtue by restoring organic morality"

Volume: 45
Pages: 248 - 255
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2016
Keywords: Ethics and economics; Morality; Moral psychology

This paper comments on Darcia Narvaez's Kohlberg Memorial Lecture, published in this issue, with respect to her contrasting ethics and economics, or morality and market. My basic claim is that ethics and economics, properly understood, are just two sides of the same coin. One main point is that all morality solves cooperation problems and includes positive and negative sanctions to uphold it. The second claim is that competition in market economies is, in principle, ethically justified, and where it creates a problem, it is not just an ethical problem, but by the same token an economic one with which economists are concerned.